Hip Hop dance classes for older adults.

Staying active and continually learning new things can help to reduce social isolation and health issues as we age. Charlie Blair, at The Blair academy, uses dance in care homes to enable those in their third age to learn something new. The dance workshops allow members to socialise, have fun and to help build confidence.

We asked Chris Bamford Director of Wellness and Care at Guild Living to talk to us more about the importance of activity as we age.

“Exercise in later life is hugely important and plays a significant part of what we do at Guild Living for many reasons. Physical activity is an aid to mobility. If you are active you are keeping your muscles moving and strong which helps you to remain independent, mobile and to have balance. Activity can also help to increase circulation. All things that can help reduce risk. “, explains Chris.

“Exercise brings a knock-on effect. If you exercise you burn calories. If you burn calories your appetite increases. All those influences – the wellness foundations – get ticked”, adds Chris.

“Increasing the blood flow to the brain improves cognitive and emotional wellbeing due to the endorphins exercise releases. These hormones make us feel better as well as having an impact on other elements such as balance, nutrition and circulation which all have a positive impact.”, Chris explains.

Chris also elaborates on the important part health and wellbeing will play when Guild Living opens.

“Exercise for us as we open our first communities is going to be a huge influence. This as well as the Guild café, having walking clubs and activity groups. People often come together with activity and sport,”.