17 of the best board games from your childhood.

As lockdown continues we can start to find our selves running out of stay-at-home coronavirus friendly activities.

It’s now time to dust the cobwebs off those board games and take yourself back to that time when plastic was fantastic. Get your thinking caps on and your dice ready for a game’s night and some family time like no other. For games that require 2+ players, try to get creative and play virtually with a friend or family member if you are on your own at the moment!

In no particular order – let the board game extravaganza begin!

  1. Downfall

‘Every turn leads to a new twist!’

The one to wind up your dad with. A head-to-head race against your opponent to get your counters down first. With each move, you can try to block your partner but – watch out! – a wrong move could be your downfall!

  1. Kerplunk

‘A nerve-racking game of steal’

The one for the whole family. By the end of the game, you will be shouting Kerrrrplunk! Dodging the marbles, each player takes their turn to pull out a stick. A steady hand is required to ensure no marbles roll down the shoot. The one with the fewest marbles wins!

  1. Yahtzee

‘Dice-rollin’ battle game.’

The perfect game for limited space. With 13 turns and 5 dice, take turns to roll and score the best combos. The one with the highest grand total wins! But will you hustle for a full house with your Yahtzee role or play it safe?

  1. Guess Who

‘The original guessing game!’

The simple guessing game of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Choose your character to begin the game. Ask questions to guess your partners… Is your person wearing a hat? Think you’re close? Take a guess. But be careful, as a wrong guess loses you the game! The first one to win 5 games is the champion!

  1. Monopoly

‘There can be only one winner in the Monopoly game. Will it be you?’

Warning this game can lead to family feuds. The money game that never ends. Fancy yourself as a high-flying investor? Then this is the game for you. Make you way around the board buying, selling and dealing but watch out for those chance cards!


  1. Cluedo

‘One murder…6 suspects.’

Get your Sherlock hat on and get detecting. But watch your back! The suspect is amongst us. Was it Professor Plum, with the spanner in the conservatory? Take it in turns to guess in this classic whodunit mystery game.

  1. Twister

‘The game that ties you up in knots.’

Add a twist of fun into any party or family night in with the game that ties you up in knots. This Twister game is the classic game with two more moves. Let children give the spinner a whirl and see what happens next as they try to keep their hands and feet on the mat. If their knee or elbow touches the mat, or they fall over, they’re out. The last player standing wins.

  1. Hungry Hippos

‘The classic marble-chomping game!’

Nom! Nom! Nom! It’s Hungry Hungry Hippo time! Whichever happy hippo eats the most marbles wins the game! From Henry to Harry, and Homer to Happy Hippo, these toothy creatures are hungry to play! For 2 to 4 players.

  1. Battleships

‘The classic naval combat game.’

Battle head-to-head in a game of strategy and competition. Find your enemies’ ships and make them sink to win! But hurry – they may get yours first… There are also some great versions available online where you can play with a partner.

  1. Uno

‘Easy to pick up, impossible to put down!’

The family favourite card game of matching colours and numbers. Play this game in pairs or with up to 10 other players – it’s a classic for games night. OK, so not technically a board game, but a great game no less! Down to your last card? Don’t forget to shout “UNO”!

  1. Trouble (or Frustration!)

‘There is more trouble in the bubble.’

The ‘Pop-o-Matic’ board game. Chase your opponent around the board in the race to get all your pegs home. Send others back to the start but watch out – the first one to get all of theirs home wins!

  1. Snakes and Ladders

‘Traditional family fun.’

One for all ages. Try your luck with the dice and climb the ladders to get to the finish. Watch out for those snakes!

  1. Bananagrams

‘Addictively simple, and simply addictive.’

Who will be the ‘top banana’? The first player to use up all of their letters in this word-building game wins! No pencil, board or paper needed, just your banana pouch of letters!

  1. Pictionary

‘The game of quick draw.’

The simple pen and paper guessing game, where the pencil does the talking. With 206 cards, take it in turns to guess your teams sketches. The team with the most correctly guessed wins!

  1. Jenga

‘Edge of your seat fun!’

Who will make the tower fall? One or more players needed to play this game of steady hand. Pull out the blocks and try not to make the tower fall!

  1. Boggle

‘The 3-minute word search game.’

Grab your pen and paper and get ready to out-smart your opponent. Shake the box to mix up the letters and, when you’re ready, remove the lid and flip the timer! You’ve got 90 seconds to write down as many 3+ letter words before the timer is up. At the end of the round, it’s time to score the words. Any words that you have the same as your partner aren’t counted, and the player with the highest score at the end of the rounds wins. This game can easily be played with just one player too!

  1. Trivial Pursuit

‘Show off your knowledge!’

Lastly, but by no means least, is this all-time family favourite. The perfect night-in game that can you can play virtually too! With 2,400 trivia questions from 6 categories including geography, entertainment and sports and leisure there is something for everyone.


Which game is your favourite? Comment below!