The future of design for an ageing population.

Previously in Ageing Unlocked we looked at the current issues with later living. This week we look to the future of design with Stewart Dean Principal at Marchese Partners and how an ageing population will impact this.

What will the future of design look like for an ageing population?

At Marchese Partners we have over 15 years of experience designing later living residences and apartments so we understand what and how drives people to move and live in these spaces.

However, we are constantly challenging what we are producing. We do this by looking at every single space and every apartment and how people use those apartments – the bathrooms and the kitchens – how much time they spend in them and do they need to be that size and again how an older person uses that space.

The future for the ageing population is really going to be testing those designs and spaces to find out how someone who is 85 really lives and utilises the space.

We know that people spend most of their time in their apartment but how much time do they spend in the bathroom? Does the bathroom need to be a certain size? Does it need to be as big as it is? Do we need to have two sinks? In some of our apartments we have two sinks or two bathrooms but is this a good thing if you have recently lost a partner? We are really looking at all of these elements and challenging sizes and spaces.


As for the amenity spaces on the ground floor – we are also challenging these spaces. We think that there is going to be a lot of flexibility depending on location in the future as to how much amenity space we put in these developments and then tying this back to the residents and their experiences in life also.

In terms of the way architecture is going to change, it is really going to be a lot more person-centred rather than the built form per se.


Stewart has been part of the Marchese team for over 17 years. During this time Stewart has worked in the Sydney office and was the Principal of the Brisbane office and has been instrumental in the growth of the senior living brand for Marchese Partners.

Through his experience in Australia working on landmark later living projects, Stewart has gained an innate understanding of the sector and how well-considered design can positively affect and influence the residents, to live more fulfilling active, happy lives. Stewart has been involved with steering committees at a number of later living developments in Australia and is committed to bettering the lives of the residents with this resident first attitude.

Stewart brings this experience into leading the London Studio to deliver the unique Guild Living offering.