Moira’s extraordinary life.

“It was just amazing, really. We didn’t need it. It was a full life. A happy life. A family life.”

Guild Living is celebrating the extraordinary lives of older people living within our local communities through the ‘Extraordinary Lives Project’. We believe that every older person has an extraordinary story to tell, and we are excited to have the opportunity to bring to light the amazing life experiences of others.

Moira’s Story.

For our first story, we met with Moira.

Moira was born in 1947. Her father had been in the war and her mother was from Kent, coming from a family of 13 children. She didn’t grow up with a television or a family car, and that didn’t matter to her. By 1958, Russia was invading Hungary. It was at this time that Moira and her family took a Hungarian refugee into their home, who had fled the conflict. His name was László.

Watch the video to hear the rest of Moria’s story.

This is the first of many Extraordinary Stories to come. Interviews with those willing to share their experiences have been carried out under the supervision of Academic Researchers from the University of Bath.

Guild Living will exhibit and share the collection of wonderful stories on our website, on social media and in our interactive galleries, which will be set up in each of the towns and cities where our communities will be located.

Through capturing and presenting these stories, we will engage with local schools, community groups, charity organisations, and – most importantly – the locals where these older people live.

We are so excited to share these amazing stories with you and bring to light the amazing lives of older people right in our communities.