Guild Living announces its unique partnership with University of Bath.

Guild Living is excited to announce its major partnership with the University of Bath as part of developing diverse research on healthy ageing.

Led by Malcolm Johnson, visiting professor at the University of Bath and lead researcher on Channel 4’s ‘Old People’s Home for 4-Year-Olds‘, the project will focus on topics such as social isolation and healthy ageing.

The new partnership will involve researchers across the University of Bath and identify solutions to healthy ageing and support the design, technology, wellbeing and care across Guild Living communities.

As part of the addressing the needs of the ageing society, Guild Living will use the research to design innovative later living communities, set in urban environments that will enable active and independent ageing for its members. Mixing young and old to create intergenerational environments is a vital aspect of Guild Living’s offering.

Professor Malcolm Johnson explained: “As a youth-oriented society, we need to recognise that people are living longer and, consequentially, ‘old age’ is happening much later. The dominant feature of old age care is looking after people’s health and safety, yet all too often, people are being left in their own homes and on their own, with minimal human contact. This risks physical, emotional and cognitive decline. Our research will investigate what interventions we can make to reinstate people’s confidence, tackle one of the biggest killers, loneliness, and shift our culture towards valuing – rather than ostracising – people in their older years.”

Eugene Marchese, founder at Guild Living, said: “With an ageing population and a growing social care crisis, Britain has an opportunity to embrace radical change – not just in housing or care – but how we treat older people. Guild Living’s academic approach to design, development, operations and care is motivated by a fundamental commitment to drive forward change in how we live in later years, driven by robust research. Our partner, Legal & General, shares this vision, and has the capital and long-term commitment to revolutionise the way we age. The University of Bath is one of the premier institutions in ageing research and is the perfect partner for us as we begin our journey to tackle ageism across the spectrum.”

Professor Julie Barnett, Associate Dean (Research) in the University’s Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences who will be directly involved in research for this project said: “Creating environments and opportunities to enable more people to live as they want for longer is a shared ambition for many of our researchers across many disciplines at the University. We’re able to produce world-leading research and experts to tackle this challenge, but by having good partnerships like Guild Living, with which we can exchange our knowledge and realise our ambition, we can ensure the results of our efforts not only benefit our City’s residents, but our region, nation and society as a whole.”

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