Guild Living is proposing a new community in Walton-on-Thames.

Guild Living is proposing our third community at Walton-on-Thames. As part of our aim to deliver over 6,000 new homes in the next five years, to meet the UK’s longevity and urbanisation needs, our new location will be a prime 2.5-acre spot in the town centre. We will deliver circa 220 new, age-appropriate homes for the local area in Walton-on-Thames.

“Within just two months of launch, this latest acquisition brings the pipeline of homes we are delivering nearly 800 across the UK. But our ambition doesn’t end there and we aren’t just creating much-needed homes”, explains Eugene Marchese, Director of Design and Innovation at Guild Living.

“At Guild Living, we strive to make a real impact on the way we age in UK cities by stepping out of the traditional retirement mould and creating unique communities in vibrant urban environments.

Our communities will not only combine beautiful architecture and interiors but will also focus on ground-breaking and academically accredited wellness programmes and activities, to support ageing happily, healthily and enabling members to live their best later lives.

“One key focus will be on undertaking a full programme of academic research to understand the real needs of the population, adapting the way we build and run our communities to ensure members can continue to live their best lives”, Marchese explains.

Those who live in a Guild Living community will be able to live independently and have the option of flexible and supportive care as and when needed. Our communities will also help to combat loneliness and isolation. In England, more than 2 million people over the age of 75 live alone and more than a million people go for a month without speaking to a friend, family member or neighbour.

A key focus for all of our later living communities – with Walton-on-Thames as no exception – will be to the increase social connectedness of members. That’s why our Walton-on-Thames site will be suited in the heart of the town centre. The community will include a vibrant restaurant, wellness centre, and retail space – all accessible to the local community to encourage multi-generational living.

Residents will have access to expansive local parkland to the south of the scheme as well as an eight-storey retail and leisure complex directly opposite. The development will open up the site, currently occupied by the Homebase, with 6,300m² of new, publically-accessible landscaping.

Our plans will also address the demands of the local area’s ageing population. The number of over-65s in Surrey grew by 13% between 2001-2011, with the over-85 population growing by 25% in the same timeframe. In Elmbridge alone, there are 10,350 over 75s with more than one long-term medical condition, creating a need for modern, innovative solutions and accommodation to support the growing local demand.

Eugene Marchese concludes: “We are striving to revolutionise the way we age in the UK, developing truly connected and enriched communities for our members. This not only means creating beautiful environments offering physical, social and cognitive activation. It means breaking away from the traditional model provided by UK retirement developers and operators to offer extraordinary outcomes.”

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