The Story of Amedeo:
How do you want to live your Third Age?

The Week of Amedeo.

Amedeo has always been a proud and determined man, which has led him to success in life. What he is looking for in Guild Siena is an independent and stimulating life, full of experiences and new goals.


On Monday early morning, Amedeo goes out to swim in the heated pool and then meets his partner Sandra for a delightful breakfast at the Guild bar. He loves to read the morning news over a good cup of coffee! He spends the day updating himself on a new project on the sunny terrace of his apartment and then goes down to play chess with friends, it’s Game Club night!


On Tuesday, Amedeo sets off in his elegant car for a lunch in the beautiful Tuscan hills with Sandra and a couple of friends. He returns late in the evening and prefers to order takeout dinner from the Guild restaurant. The Chef suggests the best dish to pair with the wine he bought in the afternoon.


On Wednesday morning, Amedeo goes for a run in the park before the sports massage he has booked at the Guild Spa. For a Special Dinner, he has reserved a table with friends, after which he will hold a Rum and Chocolate tasting in the restaurant hall. Besides being passionate, he is a true connoisseur!


On Thursday, Amedeo goes to play golf in the beautiful estate of Bagnaia. Lately, he discovered that his apartment neighbor also likes to play, and since then they have shared this passion! In the afternoon, he often participates in the cooking workshop. He loves being behind the stove, and in recent meetings, they experimented with some typical regional recipes with the Chef.


On Friday morning, he always attends the postural gymnastics class, as recommended by the longevity team specialist who collaborates with Guild Siena. He loves to participate in the musical aperitif at the bar, and tonight the special guest is a Jazz singer he has been wanting to meet for some time!


On Saturday, he has lunch with his son at the Guild restaurant and then they go out together to visit the new exhibition at Santa Maria della Scala in the city. It’s Cinema Club night, and they are screening one of his favorite movies from his youth. He proposed the screening himself!


This Sunday, the antique market stalls are in Piazza del Mercato in Siena, and he loves to take a walk with Sandra in search of some special small objects for their beautiful apartment at Guild Siena. They return in time for Pizza Night because they have invited some friends. The pizza at the Guild restaurant is delicious, and word is spreading!