Is the family home a dementia-friendly environment?

We are back again with Stewart Dean, from Life3A, to discuss the challenges dementia can present in the family home and how we can improve our living environments to create ones that are dementia-friendly.

Why might a family home not be dementia-friendly?

There are many forms, variations and stages of dementia. If we talk about the early stages of dementia everything within the family home could be challenging. From being able to get out of your bed in the morning, go downstairs and go to the kitchen. In terms of using the stairs, this can be extremely challenging for individuals.

People with high forms of dementia – coming out of the bathroom could be an issue. This could mean going into the bathroom and actually get lost. 85% of 80-year-olds will have some kind of cognitive impairment.

When we are looking at the demographic that will be moving into one of these residences, a lot of people will face these challenges.

Moving around the home can be very challenging and the homes that individuals have lived in for 25-30 years will not be designed for any form of elderly living. There will be steps, there will be trip hazards. The sinks, the bathrooms and the kitchens are not going to be the right height and the colour-contrast will also be unfavourable so the family home can be a really challenging environment.


Stewart has been part of the Marchese team for over 17 years. During this time Stewart has worked in the Sydney office and was the Principal of the Brisbane office and has been instrumental in the growth of the senior living brand for Marchese Partners.

Through his experience in Australia working on landmark later living projects, Stewart has gained an innate understanding of the sector and how well-considered design can positively affect and influence the residents, to live more fulfilling active, happy lives. Stewart has been involved with steering committees at a number of later living developments in Australia and is committed to bettering the lives of the residents with this resident first attitude.

Stewart brings this experience into leading the London Studio to deliver the unique Guild Living offering.