Guild Living Launches STOPageism.

We’re here to show how ageism negatively affects all of us and, with your help, how we can stop it.

The recent coronavirus pandemic has shone a light on the shocking way that our society and policymakers treat older people. Pushed to the margins and forgotten about, with their needs often thought of last – we have all seen the tragic consequences that this can have.

More broadly – from derogatory everyday language to inaccessible cities and poor services – ageism is sadly still a daily reality for many people.

For years, our partner organisations have been working to make older people’s lives better. To make their voices heard. But we’ve realised something – that by working together, we can all do even more. That’s why we’re joining forces to STOPageism, and we want you to join with us. Because a single voice can be drowned out, but a chorus can’t be ignored.

We are working together to STOPageism and bring older people back where they belong – in the heart of our lives and communities.

Our 3 steps to STOPageism

Together, we will take positive steps to STOPageism in society. Join our movement to improve the lives of older people – and reinstate them in our lives and communities. Here are the three key areas we will focus on to bring about this change.

1. Changing our language

The language we use to describe older people is overwhelmingly negative. So we’re campaigning to change it. Why is it still acceptable to use outright discriminatory terms for older people in society? Instead, we want to define people by who they really are and the value they bring.

2. Changing our cities

We will make cities more accessible and age-friendly. From retrofitting existing buildings to encouraging architects and planners to be more age considerate in future builds, we want our cities to promote independence and inclusivity for all.

3. Changing our services

We will promote safety and independence by making financial and technology services easier, safer and fairer to use. People need more confidence and support to take control of their affairs, and we’ll help to provide it.

Head to our website to check out all the latest campaign news and discover how we are working together to STOPageism.

Want to help us STOPageism?

Join us and our ever-growing network of campaign supporters by registering your interest. This is for individuals who are interested in keeping up with the latest campaign activities.

If you’d like your organisation to become a STOPageism Partner, get in touch today!


This campaign to STOPageism was founded by Guild Living. Our mission is to reinstate older people at the heart of our lives and communities. Guild Living is delivering academically-led, innovative ways to live independently in the heart of towns and city centres.