Courses in Florence for every age.

It is never too late to learn something new. The Florentines are aware of this, boasting numerous recreational clubs, associations and university centers with a truly wide offer entirely dedicated to the elderly. The courses in Florence range on various topics and are held by highly qualified teachers in the field of adult education, to allow people of all ages to explore interesting new topics. A few examples? One can learn about almost anything from the history of art, to cooking, chess, medical herbs, music therapy and so much more.

Florence has offered education offerings for many years. Even through the challenges of the past couple years, they continued to make education a priority. This is thanks to the commitment of the professors and the passion of the members. Universities and other private centres are transformed into an education and information channel that increasingly meets the interest of students. They meet the needs of the members with flexibility and innovation. It is a sign of the strength of this experience that originates from the common desire to discover, know and deepen.

Undertaking a commitment to such an educational path has numerous advantages. It stimulates cognitive abilities and memory, increases self-esteem and, last but not least, promotes a sense of inclusion, encouraging the formation of new friendships among fans of the same topics.

If you’re interested in taking a course in Italy, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 favourite courses in Tuscany:

  1. Introduction to Art History, British Institute of Florence
  2. Italian Language and Culture, David School
  3. Cooking Class, Taught by local person
  4. Wine or Olive Oil Classes, Italian Wine Institute
  5. Medical Herbs Interactive Course, Everything Herbal

Florence offers a precious opportunity for personal growth and development within an active and conscious community. What subject would you like to know more about?