Tuscan cuisine done right.

It’s no question that Italian cuisine, and specifically Tuscan cuisine, is famous all over the world. Due to the nature of the recipes, there are some reserved for expert chefs, but there are some you can easily make at home. But one rule seems to be key no matter the level of difficulty – it’s best to use freshest ingredients of the highest quality for a truly authentic taste.

One thing that some people may not be aware of is that Tuscan tradition recipes, and Florentine recipes in particular, is mainly made of dishes from the peasant people from long ago. That’s why many of the essential ingredients include bread, strictly without salt, extra virgin olive oil and meat.

Some starters are an absolute must. One of the top starter dishes to try is one with croutons seasoned with liver sauce, capers, anchovies, sage and butter. It’s also crucial to try a platter of meats and cheeses. For main dishes, there is a wide selection. Many of these options include fresh pasta, often seasoned using game-based sauces, while excellent vegetarian alternatives consist of gruel with tomato sauce, as well as Ribollita, which is a soup dish containing black cabbage, beans, onion, carrots and bread.

The undisputed queen of main dishes is undoubtedly the ‘Bistecca alla Fiorentina’, Florentine beef, with baked potatoes and beans. When in Tuscany, this is a dish that can’t be missed.

And as for desserts, every Tuscan city tends to have its own traditional option. But Florence specifically has the ‘Schiacciata’ – the sweet version, not savory. This Florentine Schiacciata is flavoured with orange peel and decorated with the Florentine lily in the centre, while the Schiacciata d’uva is sprinkled with cooked grapes, oil, sugar and rosemary.

Clearly Florence is home to some of the best dishes. Which Florentine recipe are you looking forward to tasting?