The Story of Glauca:

The week of Glauca.

Glauca has always been a free spirit. She is a strong and independent woman who values her autonomy. This is why she loves her life at Guild Siena.

Guild Living_couple doing yoga Close up of older couple doing yoga together


On Monday, Glauca starts her day by taking care of herself. She is very meticulous about her health! She has an appointment for a check-up with the team of specialists from The Valter Longo Foundation who have a clinic in Guild Siena. In the afternoon, she attends a private pilates class. She loves having the instructor all to herself twice a week.


On Tuesday, Glauca relaxes in the spa after her gentle water aerobics class in the heated pool. Today there is a ceramics workshop and she has developed a passion for creating objects to decorate her beautiful apartment at Guild Siena. Last month, she attended a portrait workshop with students from the Art Institute, and her work is still on display with the others in the lobby. She is very proud of it!


On Wednesday, Glauca joins the morning walking group for coffee and a newspaper; she finds it to be an excellent opportunity to wake up her muscles and chat with active and pleasant people! In the afternoon, she participates with some friends in a special makeup class, as it is important to continue to value oneself! Tonight, there is a themed evening at the Guild restaurant and she has invited her friends to stay for dinner with her.


On Thursday morning, her daughter Alice joins her at the Guild Bar for breakfast. There are freshly baked cakes that are irresistible! When Alice is working remotely, she often visits her mother at Guild Siena to spend time with her. In today’s cooking workshop, they are using fresh vegetables from the Guild garden, and the company of the Chef is always so pleasant!


On Friday morning, she organizes with the staff to be accompanied to Florence for the presentation of a publication in a historic bookstore. It is almost impossible to park in the area, and having someone to take you to the precise address is really convenient. She returns in time for the Tai Chi lesson in the park: a special moment of peace and deep regeneration!


On Saturday, Glauca invites her travel companions for lunch. At the Guild restaurant, they can enjoy the special recipe of the chef while planning their excursion for the next weekend. In the evening, she goes out with some apartment neighbors to see a show at the Teatro dei Rinnovati in the city. The Guild staff has arranged transportation and booked tickets for all of them.


On Sunday morning, she loves to meet with others at the Guild bar for breakfast and discuss the previous night’s show together. In the afternoon, she often joins the Nordic Walking group to explore the surrounding area and get some exercise. The Sienese countryside is wonderful!