Supporting Your Health and Independence.

Wherever you choose to live within our community, you can feel confident that support is on hand, whenever you may need it.

Guild Assist will ensure continuity in support and a sense of long-term security for you or your loved one. Whether you have had a change in health, mobility or need, assistance is available to help you live as independently as possible – and as a team, Guild Assist is there to support you.

It can also include any assistance you may need around your apartment – from domestic services to short-term assistance. This will be and tailored to you based on your individual needs, now and in the future.

Why Guild Assist Is Different.

Guild Living delivers a new generation of health services that support all aspects of your emotional, physical and cognitive wellbeing. With tailored, on-site assistance whenever you need it, you can stay active and independent — and carry on being you.

  • Private Living.

    • Guild Living offers three tiers of accommodation, tailored to your individual support, space, and specification preferences.
    • Quality apartments with flexible open-plan interior layouts offering secure and safe living, with assistance available should it be required.
    • Self-contained apartments will be available for purchase or rent, targeted at downsizers who want to maintain independence.

    • The central hub where Members may go to discuss support needs with the Assist team.
    • Wellbeing advice will be provided by our later living specialists.
    • Treatments and support available from in-house and visiting healthcare professionals.

    • A specialist on-site Wellness Centre, focusing on programmes to slow down the impact of ageing, whilst improving health performance.
    • Provides a user-friendly gym, hydrotherapy pool and treatment rooms.
    • Supports physical health and wellbeing, with expert guidance on hand at all times.

Taking the next steps.

This may be the first time you have considered the need for additional support.  It can be a time of uncertainty and, crucially, you will likely have many questions. Our team will always be available to go through all concerns and questions in order to provide you the most appropriate, inpartial guidance. Guild Assist has the expertise and capacity to support you, whatever your needs and aspirations. The choice is – and will always be – yours.

Latest Wellness News.