The Story of Liliana:

The Week of Liliana.

Liliana is a woman aware of her own beauty and her life at Guild Siena. She especially loves the way she can take care of herself, being surrounded by stimulating people and still feeling admired.


She likes to start the week with a walk in the park to rejuvenate her soul and activate her body. When she returns to the facility, she enjoys a detox massage. On Monday afternoons, she loves attending a Pilates class and then relaxing in the garden with a good book to read.


On Tuesday morning, Liliana has an appointment with her hairdresser downtown, but before that she indulges in a slow breakfast full of chats with a friend. Down at the bar, her favorite waiter is there, and it’s a pleasure to start the day feeling pampered! At sunset, she participates in the meditation group in the park, which gives her an irreplaceable sense of peace.

Guild Living_woman enjoying healthy lunch with friends


Her favourite day is WEDNESDAY, which starts with a walk for coffee and a newspaper, a light lunch at home, and a yoga class to stay in shape. Then the great anticipation for the Special Dinner, she loves this evening! All her favourite people participate in the dinner, she likes to get ready for the occasion and stay at the bar to have a laugh together.


On Thursday morning, she goes down to the heated pool for some exercise, the water gives her a pleasant sense of lightness and energy. When her daughter is free, she likes to go out with her for some shopping and then invite her to dinner at the Guild restaurant. She often stays for the Book Club, she has always been a great reader and has finally found someone to share her passion with.


On Friday, Liliana starts the day with postural gymnastics: she never misses a class and has convinced two friends to join the course with her. A good posture is the foundation for a harmonious body and an elegant bearing! After the class, they enjoy relaxing in the sauna, it’s their favorite time.┬áIn the evening, there is a nice event: music and aperitifs on the terrace at the Guild bar, right in front of the pool. She likes to watch the sunset sipping a glass of white wine and talking to Mario.


On Saturday mornings, Liliana starts with a light breakfast and meditation in the park. After that, she often goes on a tour of the surrounding area with her family or some friends. In the last month, with the support of the Guild staff, they organised a tour of the most prestigious wineries in the area!


Sunday is a day of relaxation! Liliana likes to walk in the park and stop to contemplate the flowers while observing her neighbors doing gardening. Often her family joins her for a cheerful lunch together at the Guild restaurant. In the evening, there is a ritual of having pizza: they always have a reserved table for friends, and recently even Mario has been joining them frequently. A beautiful connection is growing, who knows…