Welcome to Guild Living Galzignano Terme.

At Guild Galzignano Terme, you will be connected to everything that is important. Connected to the great cities of Venice, Verona, Bologna and beyond; to the mountains, coastline and rolling hills; to world-leading medical advice and support, available 24 hours a day; to the communities and people that matter most of all.

For centuries, this has also been a place that has healed bodies and rejuvenated souls. At the heart of Galzignano Terme’s ancient links with wellness are its natural thermal water springs, emerging from 4,000 metres below the ground. Now, with the latest scientifically-backed treatments, Guild Galzignano Terme is bringing the site’s ancient therapies right up to the 21st century. And with tailored, on-site assistance, should it be needed, Members have the security of remaining active and independent.

Guild Galzignano Terme


We shouldn’t just live, we should all live better. Life should be filled with laughter, friendship, and community. It should be a coffee, cake and catch-up at lunchtime. A delicious meal in the evening, created especially for you by a chef who knows all of your preferences – using all locally-grown ingredients. And Pilates, live music events, relaxing in the spa, or maybe a drink or two with friends in between. This is life at Guild Galzignano Terme. A home where you don’t just live, you live better.

A place To
live better.

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  • We are an open-facing community, where all generations come together, and where people celebrate their freedom. Breathe in the fresh air while strolling through the hills, feel the rush of excitement as you hit that perfect shot on the golf course, or enjoy the water lapping against your skin as you dive into the pool.

  • Stay active and social, and play a few rounds with friends – old and new. Tennis is a unique sport; it provides both aerobic (endurance) and anaerobic (fast explosive movements) training. So you know it is good for you, as well as good fun!

  • For those who prefer to take it easier, unwind in the spa, letting the thermal waters wash over you. Relax in the spectacular restaurant with family and friends, where everything you eat will be rich with fresh and locally grown produce. Or enjoy our live events and classes, with something on offer for everyone!

  • Our natural thermal waters emerge from up to 4,000 metres below the surface, where it has been for many years gaining a high mineral content. Our ‘Fango’ treatment is medically approved and scientifically backed. High clay and blue algae mud is soaked in the free-flowing thermal water for up to six months, enriching it with minerals. Conditions treated include: Reduction of inflammation; Lower back pain; Soft tissue injuries; Arthritic symptom alleviation; Muscle relaxation; Skin conditions; Joint conditions.

  • At Guild Living Galzignano Terme, you are connected to everything that is important. Connected to the great cities of Venice, Verona, Bologna and beyond; to the mountains, coastline and rolling hills; to world-leading medical advice and support, available 24 hours a day; to the communities and people that matter most of all.

  • Golf course

    Enjoy the professional 18-hole course, covering over 6 km.

  • Tennis

    at our private courts.

  • Thermal springs.

    Emerging from 4,000m beneath the ground.

  • Mud Therapies

    Proven, medically-backed treatments.

  • 47 minute

    drive to Venice, and 20 mins to Padua...for easy city breaks!

Longevity Platform.

Bringing the spa’s legacy of wellness and healing right up to the 21st century, Guild Living will provide a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Working with leading academics from the University of Bath and global experts in Third Age Living we will enable people to live healthier, fulfilled lives.

Good health in later life is our priority. Guild provides the foundation to enable this. Our unique combination of global, academic expertise, and bespoke architecture and design – combined with holistic wellness programming – are not like anything you have seen before. The outcomes are better social connections, a sense of belonging and purpose, and the long-term reassurance of support.

Extraordinary Events.
Memories To Last A Lifetime.

  • Painting Masterclass.

    Our classes are located in our Galzignano Terme community, at the very centre of the Renaissance's birthplace. Classes will be available for all members and non-members to join.

  • Yoga at Guild Living.

    Join us for a 5-day retreat with international yoga teacher and entrepreneur.

  • KM Zero Food Festival.

    The best local produce that the Veneto has to offer... all in one place! Meaning ‘no distance’, we showcase the best quality local produce, ensuring freshness and seasonality.

  • Cooking Masterclass

    Join Guild Living's master chefs for a unique masterclass. An innovative take on Italian cuisine, combining Tuscan traditions with modern tastes and aesthetics.

  • Charity Gala Dinner.

    Join Guild Living and a mystery special guest (to be announced) for an evening of glamour and luxury. We will also be raising money for great local causes too.


    Join world renowned Gerontologist, Professor Malcolm Johnson, to hear about the latest findings from the Guild Longevity Academy.

Living at Guild Galzignano Terme.

A Place To Live Better.

Speak to our team.

Get in touch with our team to find out more about later living in Galzignano Terme:

  • Open
    to all.

    • Our facilities will be open to the local community, visitors, friends, and family.
    • We will actively encourage people to join us at Guild Living, inviting them in to bring life to the public spaces, amenities, and events.
    • Guild Living is a place to live well, where all generations come together to enable older people to live their best lives.
  • Private

    • Quality apartments with flexible open-plan interior layouts offering secure assisted living environments.
    • Our self-contained apartments will be available for purchase or rent, targeted at downsizers who want to maintain independence.
    • All apartments benefit from individually-tailored services, support, and hospitality offerings.

    • A café and restaurant located within the Guild Living community.
    • To encourage social interaction with friends and family, they will be open to the wider community.
    • A welcoming environment, with nutritionally-tailored meals to support Member's wellbeing.

    • A specialist Wellness Centre, open to all Members.
    • Provides a gymnasium, thermal hydrotherapy pool and treatment rooms.
    • Medically-backed programmes to support physical health and wellbeing.

    • Includes changing facilities and lounge areas, as well as space for therapy and treatment.
    • Treatments developed in partnership with later living experts, and global experts.
    • Supports holistic health and wellbeing for all.

    • Amenity spaces include a library, arts and crafts, and spiritual space.
    • Provides on-site variety and individual choice for Guild Members.
    • Encourages links with wider community to create a truly intergenerational space.

    • The community offers stunning landscaping, as well as views out over the rolling hills that surround the location.
    • Encourages connectivity through the site and provides quality outdoor, green spaces.
    • Brings the outdoors to the doorsteps of Members.
  • Thermal Spa

    Not only perfect for unwinding after a busy day exploring the city, but it also allows our expert teams to help support your physical fitness.


  • Guild Living_woman enjoying healthy lunch with friends

    Guild Restaurant

    A vibrant restaurant, showcasing the best food and drink on offer. Meet and celebrate with family and friends – old and new!


  • Guild Café

    A relaxing homely café is a great space to meet friends or family, or just relax with a good book. Pull up a chair and settle in!


Our Location.

Types of
Guild Living Residences.

Guild Galzignano Terme offers three tiers of apartments, plus villas, tailored to your individual needs for space, configurations, support, and specification:

  • Guild Living

    Guild Living’s luxury Villas represent Guild Living’s top-of-the-range product offering. Designed for truly independent living, our specialist Villas support all of the Member’s needs. With full access to all on-site facilities, but also with a range of state-of-the art features – this is the way to live better, in the heart of the Veneto.

  • Guild Living

    Our Residences represent Guild Living’s core product offering. Designed for ageing in place, the specialist apartments support the Member’s needs. The design responds at every detail to the functional needs of an ageing person, without sacrificing Guild Living’s design aesthetic.

  • Guild Assist

    Guild Assist Residences provide vibrance, activity and social connection with the wider Guild community, within an environment purpose-designed to enable seamless delivery of domiciliary and support services. Distinctive features aid wayfinding and create secure living environments. The integration of technology provides a fully-accessible living space.

  • Guild Assist

    Guild Suites are available at Galzignano – and within every other Guild Living community. They are designed to offer 24-hour assistance for those with higher needs. Guild Suites will offer dedicated communal areas, dining rooms and kitchens, lounge and activity areas, expert support, and clinical areas for the delivery of services.

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