The Story of Marisa:

The week of Marisa.

Marisa is a generous and joyful woman. Loneliness saddens her, she loves to live surrounded by loved ones and share her life. Making new experiences with new friends is what she appreciates most about her life at Guild Siena.

Guild Living_couple doing yoga Close up of older couple doing yoga together


On Monday morning, she has an appointment with the small group that takes care of the roses in the park. They enjoy a good breakfast together and then head out to do some gardening. In the afternoon, she attends a fitness class and then waits for her best friends in her apartment for their unmissable Netflix evening.


On Tuesday morning, she has a private swimming lesson. She has finally decided that it’s time to learn how to swim! In the afternoon, she has an appointment that is very close to her heart: she will be holding a cookie-baking workshop with children, and even her nephew is visiting.


On Wednesday morning there’s the weekly market in the city, Marisa loves to take a stroll along the stalls with her friends! Later on, they have lunch together at the Guild restaurant and enjoy a relaxing afternoon by the pool.


On Thursday morning, she attends the gentle exercise class in the heated pool because she loves the company of that group. Later in the morning, they attend a workshop to create natural cosmetics with a professional. It’s really nice to feel beautiful and eco-friendly!


Marisa can’t wait for Friday to come because she loves going on hikes with the group. In the afternoon, they go on a small trek to visit a museum in San Gimignano and on their way back, they stop for an aperitif at Bar Guild where there’s live music tonight!


On Saturday for lunch, she celebrates her son’s birthday with her family: at the Guild restaurant, the Chef proposes a very special recipe! Her grandchildren love eating there and then going out to play in the park.


On Sunday mornings, Marisa really enjoys having the Happy Breakfast with her friends at the Guild bar, and then going out for a pleasant walk in the park together. They have fun watching the bocce tournament. In the afternoon, there’s an appointment for Chiacchiere & Tea, and she’s the queen of the Club! The most engaging thing is preparing the cakes together for the occasion, which gives her a great sense of satisfaction!