Matthew Serginson.

Director of Development

Matthew has a huge amount of technical knowledge, political insight and planning acumen when it comes to development. He’s a believer in being part of something that’s larger than the individual. When he joined us, he was looking for a business role with a long-term aspirational purpose; one in which he could see himself playing a part. Matthew is highly inclusive and has a natural willingness to help people, becoming a ‘go-to’ person in the business.

From acquisition, design and consultation, to planning, procurement, delivery and sales, Matthew is wholeheartedly involved with all areas of the Guild Living development pipeline.

He has over 12 years’ experience in commercial, residential and health/wellbeing real estate development. He’s had the opportunity to work across a range of platforms and sites, including JVs with government organisations and privately funded schemes.


Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering, University of Nottingham, 2004–2008

Matthew’s previous three roles:

Development Director, Solum R, London, Dec 2017–Jan 2020

Senior Development Manager, Solum Regeneration, London, Aug 2014–Jan 2020

Development Surveyor, General Practice Investment Corporation Ltd, London, Apr 2010–Jul 2014