Sociable and Active Lifestyle.

We shouldn’t just live, we should all live better. Later life should be filled with laughter, friendship, and community. It should be a coffee, cake and catch-up at lunchtime. A delicious meal in the evening, created especially for you by a chef who knows all of your preferences. And Pilates, painting, or maybe a drink or two with friends in between. This is life at Guild Living. A home where you don’t just live, you live better.

A warm welcome every time.

Guild Living communities are open, vibrant, and sociable places. At the restaurant, you can share your love of food with those who matter most, swapping your favourite stories – as well as your favourite recipes. The Guild pub and café will also be open to your family, friends, Guild members, and the wider community. Read on to find out more.

Guild Restaurant.

  • Special experiences are on the menu too.

    The food you love, the wine to go with it, new tastes you might like to try. It’s this personal touch that makes dining out so special, for you and for us. Enjoy fine dining or a special celebration meal planned to your exact preferences. You can even prepare a signature dish alongside our resident chef for friends or family ‒ before sitting with them for a beautiful meal never to be repeated. Until you next go in, that is.

    Guild Living_woman enjoying healthy lunch with friends

Guild Café & Bar.

  • A place of real companionship.

    During the day, the café is perfect for getting together with friends or reading the paper over a cappuccino, soundtracked to the gentle buzz of conversation. Our team will stop to say ‘hello’ and you might even find your favourite coffee ready and waiting for you. When the evening sets in, the café transforms into a lively bar. There is the same sense of community, a buzz of conversation. But now with the chance to show off your knowledge at the pub quiz, watch the match, and explore the wide range of beers, wines, and cocktails on offer.

    Guild Living_mother and her daughter

Spa & Pool.

  • Health and recreation under one roof.

    Taking time to relax physically and mentally is just as important as staying active. Our spa, swimming pool and beauty areas are a calm yet sociable space for chatting with friends, leafing through magazines, and letting any stresses you might have just melt away. After all, everyone needs a place where they can sit back, relax, and put cucumbers over their eyes every once in a while…

    Guild Living_couple doing yoga

Lifelong Learning.

  • EPSOM Rosebery Park 0044-FINAL

    A place to grow.

    Continued education, and the sharing of all our collective wisdom, is a huge part of life here. You will enjoy a wide range of activities taught by experts in their fields – including Guild Living members themselves. And if you want to, you can share your wisdom, experience, and energy by volunteering with local causes, inside and outside Guild. Whatever it is you want to learn, improve, or teach, we’ll help you do it. 

    Guild Living_Art Studio

Life at Guild Living.

Taking the next step.

If life at Guild Living sounds like something you would be interested in finding out more about, we would love to hear from you. We are always happy to discuss the options that would be best suited to you, and to answer any questions you may have.