Bringing Forward A Unique Later Living Community.

Guild Living is proposing an innovative way to live independently in the heart of Bath. Our unique third age community will be located in the Western Riverside area, and will enable people to ‘age in place’. All the while, secure in the knowledge that their wellbeing and long-term health needs are catered for.

Set in the vibrant, cultural centre of Bath, we are striving to make a real impact on the way people age. We step out of the mould of traditional retirement operators and developers. After development, Guild Living will remain in place as the operator, continuing to provide facilities for the local community.

Not only will Guild Living’s community combine beautiful architecture and interiors but, in partnership with the University of Bath, it will also offer groundbreaking wellness programmes to ensure that the focus is on healthspan and not just lifespan.

The Local Need.

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  • Facilities open to all.

    According to Bath & North East Somerset Council, a large increase in the number of older people is expected in the area. Between 2016 and 2029 the number of people aged 75 and over in the local population is projected to increase by 36% (from 16,600 to 22,600 respectively).

    The number of 90 years and over in the local population is projected to increase from 2,000 to 2,500 during the same period.

    These increases will mean that services for older people are likely to experience further increases in demand.

  • An open-facing community.

    According to B&NES, there are many anticipated impacts as a result of Bath’s ageing population, including requirements for people to work longer, additional strain on healthcare (particularly from long-term conditions) and difficulty enabling more people to live independently. These are laid out in the Parliamentary Select Committee report.

    It is vital that we allow older people to remain active and independent in society for as long as possible.

  • Regenerating the Western Riverside.

    Guild Living’s community is situated in the heart of Bath, offering access to the rich tapestry of cultural heritage the city has to offer. We will also offer on-site facilities ‒ including a bar, restaurant, and wellness centre ‒ that will be open to residents and the wider public, to create a truly intergenerational space.

    Through these spaces, Guild Living will reinstate older people at the heart of our lives and communities. Guild Living is delivering academically-led, innovative ways to live independently in the heart of towns and city centres.

  • 36%

    increase in over-75 year olds in B&NES by 2029.

  • 25%

    increase in over-95 year olds in B&NES by 2029.

  • 47%

    of UK consumer spending is by over-50s (CEBR)



We are now bringing forward plans to build a new later living community in Bath, providing residential apartments and suites, as well as a range of facilities to promote wellbeing and independent living.

The scheme is being designed to provide good public connectivity through the site, extensive public realm, and a wide range of public amenities for the benefit of the wider community.

Our proposal can be viewed and commented upon HERE>

Guild living later ivign social care reform Older couple walking in street

    • Regenerates a strategic city centre site to create a new area of productive and attractive townscape as well as an improved relationship between the city and the river
    • Delivers an exemplar scheme in terms of the standard of facilities and in the provision of support and assistance
    • Fosters ties with Bath University and local businesses to secure the retention of skills in the local area
  • Working with local authorities.

    • Responds positively to B&NES’ affordable housing objectives, strategic aspirations within the Placemaking Plan, and five-year housing supply targets for the area
    • Acts as a catalyst for the future regeneration of the wider area as defined in B&NES’s recently adopted Placemaking Plan
    • Addresses a policy requirement to provide a meaningful element of Class B1 office floor space
    • Fulfils the social, economic and environmental strands to sustainable development as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework and the local development plan

    • Freeing up other sectors of the housing market by releasing much-needed family housing accommodation
    • Contributing towards the local five-year housing supply and the housing target for Sydenham Park
    • Addresses a pressing need for accommodation for older people in Bath and providing housing choice
    • Creating a later-living scheme will help free up other sectors of the housing market by releasing much-needed family accommodation such as 3, 4 and 5 bedroom family homes
    • The scheme will improve the relationship between the city and the river
  • Health Services.

    • The scheme will provide specialist and dedicated in-house assistance
    • The scheme will help to reduce the burden on health and social services
    • It is estimated there is a reduction of 30% on the demands placed on the local NHS, from residents living in supported communities
    • Improving wellbeing and social interaction, offering better health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs
    • Supporting local hospitals through the provision of step-down services
  • Supporting Employment.

    • The later living scheme will create approximately 50 new jobs
    • Roles include: food & beverage, management, technical, administrative, housekeeping, maintenance, physiotherapy and occupational therapy positions


  • Open to all.

    Our facilities will be open to the local community. We will actively encourage people to join the Guild, inviting them in to use the facilities and bring life to the public spaces and amenities.

  • Welcoming arrival areas.

    Distinctive architecture and interiors help create a welcoming and familiar community.


    A communal café, restaurant and amenities to encourage social interaction with friends and family will be open to the wider community.

  • Private Living.

    Quality apartments with flexible open plan interior layouts offering secure assisted living environments. Our self-contained apartments will be available for purchase or rent, targeted at downsizers who want to maintain independence whilst benefiting from individually tailored services and hospitality offerings.

  • Wellness Centre.

    A specialist wellness centre, open to the local community, will provide a gymnasium, hydrotherapy pool and treatment rooms – all with easy access.

  • Health Hub.

    The facilities of the Health Hub, which will also be open to the wider local community, will include changing facilities and lounge areas, and space for therapy and treatment.


    One-bed suites offering temporary assistance for patients who have been in hospital but cannot be looked after at home, helping to reduce the amount of time people stay in hospital and the pressure on our busy NHS services. In addition, the suites will offer longer-term higher support for those with greater needs.


    Amenity spaces include a library, arts & crafts and multi-faith room, providing on-site variety and individual choice for Guild Members.


    Landscaped public areas that encourage connectivity through the site and quality outdoor spaces that bring the outdoors to the doorsteps of residents.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Guild Living at Bath.

  • We take great care from the outset of the design process to consider issues such as separation distances between neighbouring properties and building heights as well as the more detailed design issues such as the locations of windows and balconies. We’ll take on board input from our neighbours during consultation where possible.

    Issues that often create the main impact on neighbouring properties such as overlooking, daylight/sunlight assessments and visual impact are all assessed via appointed specialist consultants to ensure any impact is reduced as much as possible through the design process.

  • We’ll maintain a dialogue with councillors, officers and community groups in each city within which we’re developing. This will usually be through a series of public consultations designed to be open and honest, and to engage with others. You can submit feedback or comments on our proposals using the form on this page.

  • Most of our residences are Guild Living Residences. These stylish, practical homes are designed for ‘ageing in place.’ This means that if your requirements change, we can provide discreet and respectful services from domestic support, as and when needed – all designed to help you stay as independent as possible.

  • Yes, the community will have a range of security measures in place to provide a secure living environment.

  • Guild Living communities will be accessible for wheelchairs, including the homes and the public areas such as our café/bar and restaurant.

  • The contractor will stick to strict work hours and be required to provide a traffic management plan through the construction period.

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