Guild Living at Walton-on-Thames.

In the latest news from Guild Living at Walton-on-Thames, constituency MP Dominic Raab has been urged to intervene in a discrimination row as council officials rule older people should not live in the town centre.

The recommendation for refusal – published on the council’s own website – states that the elderly will “undermine the viability and the vitality the town centre”. This has aroused significant anger among local residents, leading charities, campaign groups and academics for its blatant age discrimination.

• Charities and academics appalled by Surrey council’s opposition to L&G’s high street development offering over 65s better quality of life.

• Walton-on-Thames scheme revive derelict Homebase store, creating 55 jobs and generating £10.7m of annual local spend.

• But council officials astonishing statement wants it refused on the grounds that older people should not be living in town centres.

• Lawyers warn the council could be in breach of Equality Act as emails from planners reveal discrimination based on age.

Guild Living’s proposal will address the ageing demographic and urbanisation needs of the Borough with a prime 2.5-acre spot in the town centre. We will deliver c.220 new, age-appropriate homes for the local area. If you support Guild Living’s proposals, you can go to the Elmbridge Borough Council’s website and express your views HERE>

The Local Need.

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  • A Part of the Community.

    A key focus for all of our later living communities is to increase the social connectedness of members. That’s why our Walton-on-Thames site will be suited in the heart of the town centre. The community itself will include a vibrant restaurant and wellness centre – all accessible to local residents to encourage multi-generational living.

    Our aim is to reinstate older people to the heart of our communities and in our lives, retaining a key part of the community that is central to Walton-on-Thames. Contrary to the perceived norm of care homes, we will create genuinely outwardly facing environments. What this means is supporting older residents to meet and engage with people of all ages, and remain rooted in and a part of the community. Unlike other forms of housing, where residents typically commute Monday to Friday, our residents and staff remain in the local community 24/7, and therefore provide added benefits to local retail centres.

  • Independent Living with Care.

    Our communities will not only combine beautiful architecture and interiors but will also focus on ground-breaking and academically accredited wellness programmes and activities, to support ageing happily, healthily and enabling members to live their best later lives.

    Those who live in a Guild Living community will be able to live independently with supportive care as and when needed. Our communities will also help to combat loneliness and isolation. In England, more than 2 million people over the age of 75 live alone and more than a million people go for a month without speaking to a friend, family member or neighbour.

  • Addressing Local Needs.

    Our plans will also address the demands of the local area’s ageing population. The number of over-65s in Surrey grew by 13% between 2001-2011, with the over-85 population growing by 23% in the same timeframe. In Elmbridge alone, there are 10,350 over-75s with more than one long-term medical condition and 117,263 over-75s within 10 miles of Walton Homebase site. This creates an urgent need for modern, innovative solutions and accommodation to support the growing local demand.




  • 47%

    of consumer spending is by the over-50s (CEBR)

  • 2 Million

    people over the age of 75 live alone (NHS)

  • 23%

    increase in over-85s in Elmbridge, 2001-11

Why Later Living.



We are now bringing forward plans to build a new later living community in Walton-on-Thames, providing residential apartments, care suites and a range of facilities to promote wellbeing and independent living. The scheme is being designed to provide good public connectivity through the site, along with a wide range of public amenities for the benefit of the wider community.

Our full proposal document can be viewed here: DOWNLOAD PROPOSAL >


    • Regenerates a strategic city centre site to create a new area of productive and attractive townscape
    • Delivers an exemplar scheme in terms of the standard of facilities and in the provision of support and care
    • Supports local businesses and secures the retention of skills in the local area
    • The later living scheme will create approx. 40 jobs, including: food & beverage, management, technical, administrative, care, housekeeping, maintenance, physiotherapy and occupational therapy positions

    • Creating a later living scheme will help free up other sectors of the housing market by releasing much-needed family accommodation such as 3, 4 and 5 bedroom family homes
    • Contributing towards the local housing supply and the housing targets
    • Addresses a pressing need for accommodation for older people in the borough, and providing housing choice
  • Health Services.

    • The scheme will provide specialist and dedicated in-house care and support
    • The scheme will help to reduce the burden on health and social services
    • It is estimated there is a reduction of 30% on the demands placed on the local NHS, from residents living in supported communities
    • Improving wellbeing and social interaction, offering better health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs

    • Regenerate a brownfield site and optimise the use of the land to create new public realm
    • Active frontage and new amenities in an attractive landscaped square


  • Open to all.

    Our facilities will be open to the local community. We will actively encourage people to join the Guild, inviting them in to use the facilities and bring life to the public spaces and amenities.

  • Welcoming arrival areas.

    Distinctive architecture and interiors help create a welcoming and familiar community.


    A communal café, restaurant and amenities to encourage social interaction with friends and family will be open to the wider community.

  • Private Living.

    Quality apartments with flexible open plan interior layouts offering secure assisted living environments. Our self-contained apartments will be available for purchase or rent, targeted at downsizers who want to maintain independence whilst benefiting from individually tailored care services and hospitality offerings.


    One-bed suites offering temporary care for patients who have been in hospital but cannot be looked after at home, helping to reduce the amount of time people stay in hospital and the pressure on our busy NHS services. In addition, the suites will offer longer-term higher care for those with greater needs.

  • Wellness Centre.

    A specialist wellness centre, open to the local community, will provide a gymnasium and treatment rooms – all with easy access.

  • Health Hub.

    The facilities of the Health Hub, which will also be open to the wider local community, will include changing facilities and lounge areas, and space for therapy and treatment.


    Amenity spaces providing a variety of on-site activities and individual choice for Guild Members.


    Landscaped public areas that encourage connectivity through the site and quality outdoor spaces that bring the outdoors to the doorsteps of residents.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Guild Living at Walton.

  • We take great care from the outset of the design process to consider issues such as separation distances between neighbouring properties and building heights as well as the more detailed design issues such as the locations of windows and balconies. We’ll take on board input from our neighbours during consultation where possible.

    Issues that often create the main impact on neighbouring properties such as overlooking, daylight/sunlight assessments and visual impact are all assessed via appointed specialist consultants to ensure any impact is reduced as much as possible through the design process.

  • We’ll maintain a dialogue with councillors, officers and community groups in each city within which we’re developing. This will usually be through a series of public consultations designed to be open and honest, and to engage with others. You can submit feedback or comments on our proposals using the form on this page.

  • We provide a range of apartments that suit those living more independently as well as those who may require more support.

    You can choose from three different types of residence:

    Guild Living Residences: GLRs represent Guild Living’s core product offering. Designed for ageing in place, GLRs support the Member’s needs, allowing a seamless delivery of discreet and respectful services offered within the home. The design responds at every detail to the functional needs of an ageing person, without sacrificing Guild Living’s design aesthetic.

    Guild Care Residences: Guild Care Residences provide the vibrance, activity and social connection from the wider Guild Living Community, within an environment purposefully designed to enable seamless delivery of domiciliary and clinical care services. Distinctive features aid wayfinding and create secure assisted living environments and integration of technology aids assist in providing fully accessible living spaces. Co-located with the Care suite community, the GCR receives the same level of support that a Care Suite may receive.

    Guild Care Suites: A Guild care community will typically offer 25-40 care suites, with dedicated communal areas, dining rooms and kitchens, lounge and activity areas and nursing stations and clinical areas for the delivery of care services.

  • Most of our residences are Guild Living Residences. These stylish, practical homes are designed for ‘ageing in place.’ This means that if your requirements change, we can provide discreet and respectful services from domestic support to care, as and when needed – all designed to help you stay as independent as possible.

  • Guild Care Residences provide the vibrancy, activity and social connection from the wider Guild Living community, within an environment purposefully designed to enable you to access domestic and care services 24/7, when you need them. They offer secure assisted living environments, while integrated technology aids assist in providing fully accessible living spaces

    Guild Care Residences are ideal when you’re looking to:

    • Receive a higher level domestic or care support
    • Prefer a more residential design environment than a care suite
    • Receive higher care for your partner, while you still want to live independently
    • Move closer to a partner in a care suite
    • Have the reassurance of regular care or support permanently in place
    • Have greater care security.
  • Offering 24-hour care services, we’ve designed our care suites for residents who need the most support. Maybe they’re coming to us from hospital or from home after a fall, and may need short term or respite care or a longer stay. They have homely, welcoming communal areas, dining rooms and kitchens, lounge and activity areas, and nursing stations and clinical areas for the delivery of care services.

    A care suite provides a home for a single person, generally over 75, who needs to live in a very supportive environment, with 24-hour care delivered as required.

  • Yes, the community will have a range of security measures in place to provide a secure living environment.

  • Guild Living communities will be fully accessible for wheelchairs, including the homes and the public areas such as our café/bar and restaurant.

  • The contractor will stick to strict work hours and be required to provide a traffic management plan through the construction period.