The New Generation
of Third Age Living.

We shouldn't just live,
We should live better.

Guild Living offers an entirely new way to think about Third Age living. We create truly vibrant communities designed with one core purpose in mind: to empower people to live better.

That means a campus-style community open to all generations. It means events, activities, classes, restaurants and cafés, gyms and pools, and much more. It means being guided by ground-breaking research and led by global experts. It means a place where independence is promoted at every turn, and wellbeing improved at every opportunity.

This is our promise – and it’s how we’re building the new generation of Third Age living.

A Unique Home All Of Your Own

We create beautiful homes that let you live in comfort, set within secure, vibrant environments open to all generations. But what we really do goes deeper than that – we make Third Age living, better living. No life should be lived in isolation, separated from what – and who – you love. So, we build uplifting, energising communities, so everyone here can live a better life. Imagine a beautifully designed living room, bedroom, and kitchenette giving you everything you need within easy reach – but always with a warm sense of home.

A social and active lifestyle

Guild Living communities are open, vibrant, and sociable places. At the restaurant, you can share your love of food with those who matter most, swapping your favourite stories – as well as your favourite recipes. The Guild restaurants and cafés will also be open to your family, friends, Guild members, and the wider community. Our team will stop to say ‘hello’. Who knows, you might find your favourite coffee ready and waiting for you. Because that is the thing about us – we take an interest in truly getting to know you. So, there will always be new people to meet. In fact, from breakfast through to the evening, there will always be plenty going on. 



Health and recreation under one roof

Our Wellness Club has facilities such as a gym and studio space, pool and spa – giving convenient access to both therapy and recreation for Guild residents. Not just places to get fit, a Guild Living gym is a place to be sociable and to enhance your health, with professional guidance and tailored classes. Our swimming pool helps you to improve cardiovasular fitness, and helps you to relax. You can invite the family, too, and join in on supervised lessons for your grandchildren. Or just spend your time with friends and relaxing in or by the pool. Furthermore, our spa is a calm yet sociable space for chatting with friends, leafing through magazines, and letting any stresses you might have melt away.

A place to learn and grow

Always wanted to learn this or start doing that? Well, now’s the time. The sharing of all our collective wisdom and experience is a huge part of life here. You will enjoy a wide range of activities taught by experts in their fields – including Guild Living residents themselves. And if you want to, you can share your wisdom, experience, and energy by volunteering with local causes, inside and outside Guild. Whatever it is you want to learn, improve, or teach, we’ll help you do it. Whether it is exploring a new idea or picking up a skill you always dreamed of, but never had time for.

Support from Guild Assist

Wherever you choose to live within our community, you can feel confident that support is on hand, whenever you may need it. Guild Assist will ensure continuity in support and a sense of long-term security for you or your loved one. Whether you have had a change in health, mobility or need, assistance is available to help you live as independently as possible – and as a team, Guild Assist are there to support you. Any assistance you may need – from dietary needs and domestic services to short-term assistance – will be provided in your own home and tailored to you, now and in the future.

Life-Changing Technology

Guild Living has created a bespoke technology platform, the Health App, to support your health and wellbeing ‒ so you can stay in tune with your mind and body. The Health App will let you input your own health and lifestyle data to review your performance and monitor progress. A personalised page will cover lifestyle, support, guidance, and wellbeing measures specific to your needs, preferences, and abilities. Better health, more independence, greater connection – they are all ingredients of a better life. Our app will help you live it.


If you would like to find out more about life at a Guild Living community, you can explore our locations here >