It’s really easy to talk the talk, but it takes more work to walk the walk. We’re determined to do both. We love talking about social responsibility, whilst also doing our part to make this world just a little better than how we found it. Take a look at what we are doing to walk the walk.

STOP ageism

We founded the STOPageism platform to bring together organisations – to build awareness for ageism and make positive changes for people of all ages.

research to deliver change

We are funding academic research with the University of Bath, with research findings made available to all for free.

Serving Our Communities

At Guild Living, the local community is at the heart of our community. From charities to local businesses, artists to schools and social enterprises.

Green Transport

All of our transport options are green or electric — so Guild Members can get around easily and efficiently, whilst also protecting our beautiful towns, cities, and beyond.

Our Journey to Net Zero Carbon

We’re proud to say that all of our buildings will have ZERO net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by 2030.

A responsibility to protect biodiversity

We’re passionate about not only maintaining the plant and animal life at every Guild Living location, but we also work hard to improve that biodiversity every day.

Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Waste

Our goal is to recycle at least 75% of our waste by having a plan in place that focuses on recycling, food waste and single-use plastics.

Equal Opportunities

At Guild Living, we believe in equal opportunities for all, including a fair salary, equality of opportunity, and safeguarding of all Guild Members and employees.