At Guild Living, we believe in a “leave it better than you found it” mindset. That’s why we’re passionate about not only maintaining every site’s plant and animal life, but working hard to improve that biodiversity every day, creating an outdoor space you’ll love.

So, rest assured that the bats and hedgehogs, bushes and other plants are all kept safe! With careful planning and a strong sense of responsibility, we’re ensuring that all creatures great and small — as well as their habitats — can continue to thrive.

Conducting Ecological Assessments

Keeping plants and animals safe is enormously important to us, both during and after construction. We hire independent environmental consultants to make sure we’re doing things the best possible way, and have as least impact as possible. Thorough, expert assessments help us properly understand the specific considerations of every Guild Living community:

  • The population of plants and animals prior to construction.
  • Issues and opportunities that might arise for that biodiversity after the site is completed.
  • A comprehensive plan to mitigate any negative effects and improve biodiversity.

Outcomes from Ecological Assessments

When completing Ecological Impact Assessments, our consultants look to:

  • Establish the present natural habitats, if any, on the site.
  • Determine whether the site will help protected or notable species.
  • Identify the various impacts of construction on different species.
  • Suggest, if there are any possible negative impacts to plants and animals, ways to mitigate these potential negative impacts.
  • Propose ways the site can improve the biodiversity, to make the site even better than it was before.

Outdoor Spaces Made for You

Biodiversity is not only important for plants and animals, but for people too. We truly believe that Guild Living will not only improve the lives of Guild Members, but also have many benefits to the wider community. This includes providing new and beautifully-landscaped green spaces that will be accessible and open to all. After all, studies show that spending time outdoors is one of the fastest ways to improve your happiness and health!

Our Biodiversity Commitment

When we treat our surroundings with respect, we make the world a better place to live. We are committed to leaving all of our sites better than how we found them so all the plants and animals (and you) can have an even better home than before.