Equal Opportunities.

At Guild Living, we believe in equal opportunities for all. Everyone should feel welcome and feel like they can be themselves. Because being yourself is your best self and everyone should be treated fairly for doing so!

Fair Salary

Pay shouldn’t be determined by gender, and it won’t be treated that way at Guild Living. We also believe in paying at least the ‘living wage’, instead of just the ‘minimum wage’ for every employee, regardless of your experience level. After all, we will have the best employees, so they deserve it!

Equality, Inclusion and Diversity

It’s important that you know we truly value people as individuals. So, expect to see Guild employees with different opinions, cultures, lifestyles and circumstances. We like the fact that we are all different individuals. It would be boring otherwise!

Our ‘Equality, Inclusion and Diversity’ policy applies to all recruitment, selection, training, career development and promotion for employees now and in the future, so everyone’s covered! And to be sure we are all on the same page, Guild Living employees have an opportunity to do Equality & Diversity training.

Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is unacceptable practice. We strongly believe in fair treatment for every employee, including fair pay. We are committed to tackling this human rights issue by assessing any risk areas and developing a plan of action to prevent it. We will constantly monitor and act immediately on any suspicions of modern slavery.

It is important that every Guild Living employee is aware of modern slavery and how to stop it. That’s why we have ‘Modern Slavery’ training available. And along with our own employees, we will make sure other companies we work with are against modern slavery too – including external contractors, suppliers, and any other third party organisations. We will be modern slavery free from the inside out!

Training & Education

Training and education are important so our employees are ready for almost anything. In addition to providing and paying for these training courses, we will also give employees a paid day off to take the exams with potential for time off during training too. There is also constant coaching, development and induction training within each Guild Living team. There are many opportunities for personal development at Guild Living!