Research to
Deliver Change.

One way we are serving our communities, and society as a whole, is by funding academic research with the University of Bath. And since knowledge is power, we won’t keep our cards to our chest – this research will be available to all, and all for free!

Commitments with the University of Bath

We’ve been working with the experts at the University of Bath to do global research to understand the experience of ageing and the challenges that arise from it, to develop better solutions.

Our first research project is a two-year study into loneliness and isolation, that experts say has a similar mortality risk of smoking 15 cigarettes a day. We’re looking into the impact of our spaces’ design and the activities we offer, how we connect with the local community, and technology to build positive living environments to combat isolation and loneliness.

Sharing our research with everyone

We believe that knowledge is for all, so we want anyone and everyone to benefit from all of our research. If this can help even one person to understand more about physical, emotional, and mental health, then that’s a win for us. We will be sure to summarise the most important findings in a place where everybody can gain something from the research, and all for free!

Putting the research into practice

Our main goal is to add the research findings into our operations at Guild Living to ensure both Guild Members and visitors can really benefit from it.

Our research learnings will be our ‘north star’ that will guide our recruitment and training for new employees. And because of this, we’re building a stellar team with great knowledge, empathy and skills – partly thanks to our academic research. Thank you, University of Bath!