Our Communities.

At Guild Living, the local community is part of our community. From charities to local businesses, artists to schools and social enterprises, we are a place that includes everyone.

Supporting Local Businesses

We love to shine light on local businesses. So, don’t be surprised if you see local artists’ work in our Guild Gallery, or your favourite local products being promoted in our marketplace shops. Throughout our community, we want to use local laundry services, local caterers, local farmer’s markets… the sky’s the limit!

Supporting Charities and Social Enterprises

Our charity partners do such great work for local people. So, we make sure our partnerships provide benefits for them, Guild Members, and the wider community. We support local and national charities by:

  • Referring Guild Members to use, or volunteer with charity services
  • Raise awareness by featuring charities in our social media and marketing
  • Offering our facilities for charities to use, so they have a centrally-located space for their meetings and training
  • Supporting charity fundraising initiatives through our community

Whenever we see a chance for charities to connect and amplify each other’s work, we will help to link up services. After all, we are stronger together.

Volunteering with Charities

We want to leave this world better than we found it. Guild Members have a chance to not only make use of services, but also to give back to them if they would like. Moreover, our Guild Team also receives paid time off to volunteer. In fact, our team has already been making befriending calls for Age UK throughout the pandemic. So, if you sign up for volunteering you may well see a Guild Team member right beside you!

Our Intergenerational Approach

An intergenerational approach is behind everything we do. There will be all generations at Guild Living communities, and not just your friends and family. From local schools participating in educational programmes, to the bar, restaurant, and facilities that are open to all. But don’t worry, there will be some spaces that are just for Guild Members too – so you can find some peace and quiet when you need it! We will also work with universities to provide pathways to careers at Guild Living, with internships and graduate training courses.