Green Transportation.

It’s wonderful to be back in the heart of town, with everything you need just a short walk away. But don’t let us stop you from zipping around and exploring further afield, as Guild Living has so many transportation options available. From car sharing, to a mini shuttle, to public transport and cycling – getting from place to place might look different every day!

Did you know that more greenhouses gasses are emitted from transportation than anything else? We can do better. That’s why all of our transportation options are ‘green’ or ‘electric’, so you can get around town and beyond whilst protecting our beautiful cities. Zoom around town in a car that saves mother earth or cycle to become stronger and healthier. It’s your choice – there’s not a bad option:

Car Sharing Scheme

Even if you don’t own a car, it doesn’t mean you have to stop driving. At Guild Living, we will have car sharing options available – always ready for you to hop in and go. And to ensure we take care of our planet; you’ll hit the road fully electric.


You will get to drive a car that’s hassle-free and always pristinely clean. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, insurance, or road tax – and no unnecessary fixed costs when you don’t use it. Importantly, these aren’t just any old cars. These are cars that will make your friends jealous. Need we say more?


Additionally, while many ‘city-dwellers’ don’t need cars, we know you might still want to hang onto your own car, so there will be private parking spaces available.

Parking & Electric Charging

The world becomes more and more ‘electric’ over time and, in the near future, all cars will become hybrid or fully electric. At Guild Living, we want to be ready for this shift in how we power cars. To do this, we will put an infrastructure in place to ensure that all parking places have options for electric charging, so your car never runs out of energy. We will start with 20% of parking spaces with electrical charging ports and we’ll add more as our world becomes more electric!

Mini Shuttle

Another great option is the mini shuttle to transport larger groups of people. Timetables will show running times so you can get to where you need when you need it. And as a plus, Guild Members can book the mini shuttle for private hire with a small fee. A mini shuttle at your disposal for family lunches in the park by day and a party bus by night – you decide!


And, you guessed it, this shuttle will be ‘green’ as well. On top of that, we can use this shuttle for charity events when needed. A win/win!

Public Transportation

Being in the heart of town guarantees great connections to public transport. Trains and buses can be a great option for getting around town. Not to mention, it’s a breeze to navigate! Our team members are happy to assist in finding the best route to get you where you want to go.

Walking and Cycling

Walking and cycling are one of the purest forms of transportation when it comes to saving the planet. The power is all in the legs! The Guild team will have cycling maps available with suggestions for the best routes. We will have plenty of bike storage so you can cycle around town, or possibly even further.


It’s a good thing all Guild Living locations are right in the centre of town so you’re already close to everything they have to offer! Walking might seem like an obvious form of transportation, but it really is one of the healthiest ways to get around where possible. Alongside cycling, it does not use petrol or electricity and helps keep your body healthy and strong, not to mention!