Through the Window Epsom | Graham’s story.

Through the Window Epsom.

In this episode of Through the Window, we talk to local resident Graham about his experiences of the lockdown, what it’s like to live alone and how he stays positive in life.

“I hope that when this virus has gone, people will be as helpful and as friendly as they are now.”

When we meet Graham, he is beaming from ear to ear. What is immediately clear is his gratefulness and appreciation for life. Graham only lists the positives when he talks about his life – the roof over his head, his friends, the food in his cupboards.

“Life is about people and when you look around the world and see the terrible state some people are in with no food – it’s terrible. We’ve got it well here haven’t we!”

Graham uses the prescription service from Age Concern Epsom and Ewell. He also receives two weekly food deliveries from his church and weekly calls for a chat.

“I have got the greatest friend in the world… I am not a religious nutcase! But I am a practising Christian and that to me is central to my life.”

Graham talks to Guild Living as part of through the window epsom

Graham’s wife died in 2001. He has lived alone ever since.

“Until I met my 75-year-old girlfriend, Brenda”.

Although Brenda does not live close to Graham, they find time to talk on the phone every day. Graham looks forward to when he can treat his girlfriend to a meal out after lockdown. He talks about his terrific neighbours down his street who would do anything for him.

“I’m not lonely – what more could I want!”.


Sometimes we just need to pick up the phone and speak to another human.

Befrienders are volunteers who spare an hour each week to call or visit an older person. If you would like to get involved with Befriending calls with Age Concern Epsom and Ewell or find out how you can receive a phone call for a friendly chat click here.

Age UK also offers Call in Time, a free national service where an older person can have a call with a befriender at an agreed time for a friendly chat. The service matches a volunteer, a befriender, to suit your interests and be there for that regular companionship – a brilliant way to connect generations.

If you would like to make a difference to someone’s life register as a caller here. If you would like a fun, safe and easy way to get to know someone from your living room then sign up to receive calls here.

About Through the Window.

Through the Window is a project created during the Covid-19 lockdown that showcases local heroes in our communities.

Through this series of ‘socially distanced’ interviews – filmed literally through the window – Guild Living captures the extraordinary stories of real people who are doing amazing things during the pandemic and who may be otherwise have been overlooked.

Watch to discover the unsung heroes of your local communities in the second episode of Through the Window.