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Later Living, but not
as you know it.
Why Guild living
is different

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A place for all generations, in the heart of communities

To put it simply, Guild Living is a place to live well, where all generations come together to enable people to live their best lives whilst they remain in the heart of the community.

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A Global, Independent Later Living Operator

Guild Living is one of the world’s first independent Later Living operational platforms. We provide operational services for property owners around the globe, who are keen to enter the fast-growing Later Living sector.


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The Guild Way

Service with a Smile.

As a team, we’re 24/7 available and guided by the ‘Guild Way’, a framework that compels us to remember what’s most important, you. It makes sure our high standards are always maintained. We develop a deep and honest understanding of the loves, fears, and wants of every resident. The Guild Way ensures that those who live in Guild Living Siena will have an extraordinary experience, every day.

One Dedicated Team

Guild Living communities boast a full-service offering, able to respond to all of your needs with our dedicated in-house teams. We will not use third-party service suppliers ‒ so you can be sure of familiar, friendly faces every time you come home.

Life-changing technology

Our bespoke Wellbeing Technology Platform will support the functions of daily life ‒ from measuring key biometrics to connecting you with loved ones. This revolutionary technology will ensure that your health and wellbeing in later life are monitored and acted upon in good time.

The Security of Support

Guild Assist delivers a new generation of wellness and assistance, to support all aspects of your emotional, physical and cognitive health. Our support is always person-centred, and never clinical. With tailored, on-site assistance whenever you need it, you can stay active and independent — and carry on being you.


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Designed with you in mind

Whether your current home is getting harder to manage or you’re planning ahead for a new home to enjoy, a Guild Living Residence will always make you feel comfortable and content. Designed by world-leading later living architects, you can be safe in the knowledge that every aspect ‒ from the smallest detail to the overall layout ‒ has been designed specifically with older people in mind.



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Informed by academic research

At every stage, we are guided by the work of leading academics from around the globe, to ensure that our communities meet the needs, wants and hopes of older people. Our groundbreaking, research-led wellness programmes will do one simple thing: help you to live better.