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    The New Generation of Later Living

    Guild Living offers an entirely new way to think about later life. We create truly vibrant communities designed with one core purpose in mind: to empower people to live better.

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    Guild Living introduces a new way to live in Italy.

    This is later living focused on wellbeing and longevity – a way of life that has never been seen before, in the world’s most beautiful destinations.

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    Guild Living Siena

    At Guild Living Siena, living the life you choose – from fine dining to new friendships, this is living your Third Age with wellbeing and community at its heart.

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    Guild's commitments to social responsibility.

    It’s really easy to talk the talk, but it takes more work to walk the walk. We’re determined to do both, to make this world just a little better than how we found it.

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    Guild Living: STOPageism founder.

    Open and inclusive communities for all ages is at the core of what Guild Living does. By founding STOPageism, we aim to end ageism in the UK ‒ together with dedicated partner organisations.

A New Generation of Later Living.

Guild Living introduces a new way to live your Third Age. This is living that is focused on wellbeing and longevity, with an active and sociable lifestyle in a truly independent environment.

Empowering people to live rich, satisfying lives in comfortable homes in beautiful destinations such as Siena, Italy. Our wellbeing and longevity programmes are supported by academic research from leading global experts. With events, activities, and an intimate sense of community, your friends and family will love to visit too.

Guild Living allows you to decide how you want to live your Third Age.

Guild Living_mother and her daughter

Video: Professor Malcolm Johnson explains what makes Guild Living unique.

  • Guild Living is an utterly new concept.

    Professor Malcolm Johnson

  • I am very pleased to read your mission statement as it aligns with my thinking in recent years. Look forward to watching your progress.

    Chris, Guild Lab

  • I think this is an excellent project and look forward, subject to cost, of course, to joining this community.

    Hazel, Google

  • This is a very interesting plan for retirees and I would like to live in an environment like this.

    Myrna, Guild Lab

  • What a lovely idea this will be coming to Epsom.

    Rosie, Guild Lab

  • You’ve emphasised different generations sharing the same space to encourage a strong wellbeing for all. This is what we are most interested in.

    Trish, Google

  • I am so excited about this !!!!!!!!

    Lucia, Guild Lab

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Did You Know
  • 22.8%

    of the total population in Italy is aged 65+


  • 1 in 6

    people in the world will be aged 60+ years by 2030

    World Health Organization

  • 83.2

    Life expectancy in Italy, the 2nd highest in Europe


  • 38.2%

    of European over 65s live in 'predominantly urban regions'