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    The new generation of later living.

    Beautiful homes, green spaces, in the heart of town. A place to learn new things, indulge in old hobbies, and do as little or as much as you like.

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    A sense of belonging.

    Meet friends at the Guild restaurant. See family whenever you want. Take a class ‒ or teach one. Whatever you do here, you'll feel part of something.

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    A home that supports you as you age.

    Easy-to-maintain spaces, adjustable appliances, and built-in technology means your home is as comfortable as it is convenient.

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    24/7 on-site assistance, tailored to you.

    Our Wellbeing team will get to know your specific needs ‒ and will always be on hand to help, should you ever need it.

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    The Future Is Now.

    We’re determined to do our part to make this world better than how we found it. Take a look at what we are doing here.

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    Guild Living founds STOPageism.

    Open and inclusive communities for all ages is at the core of what Guild Living does. By founding STOPageism, we aim to end ageism in the UK ‒ together with dedicated partner organisations.

The new generation
of later living.

We create communities in the heart of towns and cities designed with one core purpose in mind: to empower people to live better. That means a campus-style community open to all generations. A café, gym, pub, restaurant, or cinema when you want it ‒ and ground-breaking health advice and support if you need it. A place where independence is promoted at every turn and wellbeing improved at every opportunity.

This is our promise ‒ and it’s how we’re creating the new generation of later living.


Video: Professor Malcolm Johnson, known from BAFTA-nominated 'Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds', explains what makes Guild unique.

  • Guild Living is an utterly new concept.

    Professor Malcolm Johnson

  • I am very pleased to read your mission statement as it aligns with my thinking in recent years. Look forward to watching your progress.

    Chris, Guild Lab

  • I think this is an excellent project and look forward, subject to cost, of course, to joining this community.

    Hazel, Google

  • This is a very interesting plan for retirees and I would like to live in an environment like this.

    Myrna, Guild Lab

  • What a lovely idea this will be coming to Epsom.

    Rosie, Guild Lab

  • You’ve emphasised different generations sharing the same space to encourage a strong wellbeing for all. This is what we are most interested in.

    Trish, Google

  • I am so excited about this !!!!!!!!

    Lucia, Guild Lab

We always love to hear from our supporters. Here are some of the kind words you have been saying about Guild Living.

Did you know
  • 5x

    Residents living in retirement properties are 2 to 5 times more likely to participate in social activities.


  • 80%

    Retirement community residents are 80% less likely to enter hospital.


  • 82.9%

    82.9% of the UK’s 2019 population lives in urban areas – and is increasing.


  • 1/3

    1/3 of over-65s live alone.


  • 1M

    Over 1 million older people say they always or often feel lonely.

    Age UK

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