Top 5 cities to visit in Tuscany

Tuscany… The land of wine? The land of pasta? The land of Vespas? It’s the land of all of the above, and so much more! So, where are the cities and villages in Tuscany that are a must? To help narrow down the hundreds of wonderful places you’re considering Vespa-ing around next, we’ve put together a little list of the top 5 cities to visit in Tuscany. Take a look and let us know what you think…

  1. Florence

This one is a NO BRAINER. But don’t blame us for stating the obvious. This one is a must visit. Florence is home of Michelangelo’s ‘David’ statue, Duomo, Gallerie Degli Uffizi and so much more. Set on the Arno river with Ponte Veccio peering over the river and with restaurant after restaurant with stellar meals and wine awaiting, Florence is sure to impress.

  1. Pisa

Who doesn’t love the classic Leaning Tower of Pisa photo op? Thousands of tourists take the same photos in the same spots by this leaning beauty, but who can blame them? Pisa is one of those destinations that you have to check off your list. It’s definitely worth the visit and leads us to our next recommendation.

  1. Lucca

One of the lesser known but much too underrated villages in Tuscany is Lucca. Just a short drive from Pisa lies the beautiful Lucca. The walkway along the tops of these medieval walls creates a great view of the rest of the village filled with numerous squares with fountains and amazing restaurants. You can even rent a bike to cycle around the old medieval walls. Trust us when we say… this one is definitely worth the visit.

  1. Siena

Siena, located right in the centre of the Tuscany region, is another great village to visit. The star of the show is the central Piazza del Campo. And if you’re a horserace fan, or want to be one, you can’t miss the horse race held twice a year in Piazza del Campo – Palio.

  1. San Gimignano

This is a small but very memorable village. San Gimignano boasts a medieval wall with a skyline of medieval towers. Walk through the beautiful and welcoming streets of the town to find the best lookout spots overlooking the beautiful Tuscan hills.

‘What?? You missed blah!’ We know, we know. There are so many great spots in Tuscany. It’s hard to pick the best ones. We do however have some honourable mentions – Arezzo, Cortona, Montepulciano, Montalcino and Volterra. You really can’t go wrong with any of these villages.

These are our top 5 cities to visit in Tuscany. What are your favourite Tuscan villages?