Hot Springs, do they really have any benefit to our health?

Humans have been bathing in thermal springs for thousands of years. Known for its therapeutic and healing powers, this type of bathing remains popular today with many tourists flocking to experience the mineral pools.

But what exactly is a hot spring?

More than 4,000 years ago, rainwater percolated 6000-8000 feet into the earth. In doing so, hot springs were formed when the rainwater became heated geothermally (by surrounding rock), causing it to rise and emerge. Some springs are heated by magma (molten rock). Those where water and steam emerge are known as geysers such as Strokkur in Iceland. There are also non-volcanic springs like Warm Springs, Georgia.

What makes a spring, a hot spring?

Any natural occurring spring water that has a water temperature of 21 degrees and above and is heated geothermically counts!

So why do we still visit and enjoy these hot pools today?

Despite no concrete evidence of their healing powers, scientists continue to study the properties of hot springs. So, it looks like springs will continue to be enjoyed for relaxation. But what other benefits are there? Check out some more below:

  • Boost circulation

When we bathe in these warm waters our bodies soak up the minerals. This boosts circulation and increases the flow of oxygen.

  • Relieve aches and pains

Swimming in general is a great movement for the body. This is due to the water supporting our joints allowing us to move freely as if weightless. Waters with a higher temperature can also cause our feelings of pain to be reduced.

  • Reduce stress and help us sleep

Ever taken a bath, sank right down into the tub and without knowing made the sound “Ahhhh”? We’ve all been there. The feeling of stress leaves the body as our muscles relax and are relieved of tension. This can help you to fall into a deeper sleep.

  • Heal skin conditions

Looking to smooth and soften dry skin? Or wanting to relieve a skin condition such as eczema? Well, you could be in luck! The water can be high in silica and sulphur which can be great for healing rough or irritated skin. Silica can also be great for healthy hair and nails!

Have you ever experienced hot springs? Let us know your thoughts on their therapeutic elements!

Please check with your doctor/medical professional if bathing in hot springs is suitable for you before attempting to use.